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Hi Dancer Family!

I’m thrilled you’re here.  I will be releasing a new piano track soon, and I would love to create a music video from clips supplied by you!


If you’re willing, the steps are simple:


1. Click the button to

the track (or just stream it by clicking play above). The track is yours to keep.


2. Video yourself dancing to any part of it – keeping videos between 10-60 seconds in length.


3. Please only submit solo material, and please be somewhere other than a dance studio or a stage.  I’d like to show a variety of locations and to reflect the solitude of our current time. Other than that, no requirements.  Be as creative as you want!


4. Upload the video via this link:

I plan to edit everyone’s clips together to form the whole video.  Your movement will likely not align with the part of the music you were dancing to in your video!

Please feel free to share this page with others.  I’m curious how many people we can get involved!

I’m so excited for you to join me in this experiment!

With sincere thanks,


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